Game Publishers & Developers

 Digital Distribution Network

GameStreamer’s Enterprise-Class Game Digital Distribution Network is the first download platform that is offered as a White Label Turnkey Solution. GameStreamer builds custom game stores that will target potential partners' existing customers' demographics. GameStreamer works with a variety of clients such as publishers, telco networks, retailers and media companies to generate new revenue sources, create conversions and expand their brand.

Growing Distribution Network
  • Games merchandised across the GS network
  • Large portals to niche sites

Progressive Downloads Planned
  • No installation required, ready to play
  • Game is streamed from local client computer

Multiple Business Models
  • Purchase to own (Try Before You Buy, No Trial)
  • Virtual goods and advertisements

Pre-Release Purchase Options


Territory Distribution Control

  • Publishers may specify regions authorized to sell their games

Game Portal Your Way

Game portals for White Label Partners can be integrated into their current sites or independent new domains can be used. Game portals can be customized to specification. GameStreamer’s automated billing and auditing system will keep track of sales and may be managed through a secure extranet. Partners can check performance statistics and upload marketing materials

  • Custom Skin / Brand Ready (CSS editing support)
  • Large HD Video Trailers
  • Feature Elements
    New, Best Sellers, Top-Rated, Popular, etc...
  • Cross Merchandising / Ads
  • Ratings & Reviews

Dynamic Merchandising = Revenue Conversion

  • Recommendations
    "People who looked at this also looked at"
  • Daily Deals, Weekend Specials, etc.

  • Reviews

  • Discount, Coupons

  • Pre-Release Purchase Option

  • Creative Bundled Incentives