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Media Speed Tech, LLC dba GameStreamer’s mission is to provide a platform for the digital distribution, commerce and social engagement of games. An innovator, GameStreamer operates a B2B network with clients across the globe. GameStreamer is headquartered in Sarasota, Fla. , with presence in San Francisco and London.

Development and testing of the digital distribution platform began in 2007. By July 2009, GameStreamer had assembled an extensive games catalog and built a White Label Partner program so retailers could share GameStreamer’s business model of distributed gaming and information. A soft launch in 2009 refined and focused services.

Today, GameStreamer offers an Enterprise-Class Digital Distribution Network and platform to companies that share GameStreamer’s vision of distributed information. GameStreamer works with these companies as White Label Partners to create custom game stores targeting the partners’ demographics and reflecting their brands.

GameStreamer WLPs benefit from added revenue, engaging content and community building. GameStreamer delivers the tools partners expect, including Google Analytics, SAP accounting and full control through the GameStreamer Extranet.

GameStreamer supports international business. GameStreamer game stores can accept a variety of currencies and can be customized to adhere to regional restrictions.

Cloud-distributed information architecture is employed to ensure smooth and uninterrupted online gaming. Hardware malfunctions do not result in loss of purchased games, as GameStreamer provides consumers with activation keys, which can be retrieved by logging into their accounts.  

Currently, the game catalog offers 2,700+ game titles and includes exclusive products from cutting-edge independent game developers along with offerings of major publishers.

GameStreamer developed the first game digital distribution platform with an entirely open platform catalog that allows game developers to upload and manage their inventories from an extranet. Agreements with major publishers support variety and quantity of available titles. Wrapped in Sony’s DADC SecuROM DRM, the games are delivered intact to devices worldwide.

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