Frequently Asked Questions

What is GameStreamer?

GameStreamer is a platform for the digital distribution, commerce and social engagement of games. Our focus is to expand distributed information by creating a global  “experience” for digital downloads. GameSteamer has its own game store and supports other businesses by providing a turnkey download platform.

 What market does GameStreamer serve?

GameStreamer serves content producers and distributors. Content producers include game publishers/developers. Content distributors are brands that aggregate consumers and package content for consumption, such as companies with consumer-focused websites and network providers. GameStreamer provides the technology platform that empowers companies and consumers to realize the incredible possibilities of the digital distribution of media.

GameStreamer enables major brands like media companies and network providers to employ a “white label” platform while maintaining the direct relationship with their consumers.

What does GameStreamer offer the Gaming Community?

GameStreamer has three core offerings:

A) Digital Distribution – Distribution of games through an Enterprise worldwide network of partner game stores.

B) Digital Commerce - Turnkey game stores equipped with merchandising tools, order management, payment and support including a ready-to-sell, fully stocked games catalog.

C) Social Engagement – In conjunction with GameStreamer’s proprietary DownLoad Manager, the Social Development Kit provides game developers with APIs to add social features to their games such as achievements, leaderboards, matchmaking and more.

How is GameStreamer different from other digital games retailers?

GameStreamer is the only company that offers a privately owned key that may be used more than once, on multiple devices. Other digital games providers focus solely on consumers purchasing games. Although GameStreamer has game stores, the major focus is on the provisioning of our turnkey download platform.

What is GameStreamer’s placement in the industry?

GameStreamer has a unique niche among digital download providers.

GameStreamer’s Stream Play application technology (generically referred to as a progressive download) delivers a ready-to-play stream that eliminates the necessity of installing games. Games may be played after only a very small portion of the game bits have been delivered. The game bits continue to stream into the user's local cache. Play can commence before the full game has been delivered. Subsequent game sessions pull files from the cache with select server checks for security purposes or game updates.

Patches are automatically included in the game play so new patches do not require separate installations. There are no "Admin Permissions Required" failures because the game is never installed, just played. This is a useful feature for parents who want to permit kids to play games without installing or changing anything on their home computer. 

Because the entire game is cached, there are no "loading" screens that slow the start of play.

What is the Social Development Kit?

The Social Development Kit (SDK) allows connections to be made between game players. The APIs can support ratings, leaderboards and matchmaking, among other features. It’s accessed through GameStreamer’s proprietary DownLoad Manager (DLM).

What is your business model?

We are a revenue share-based business. Game publishers and distribution partners share in the revenue.

Do GameStreamer’s website and stores support advertising?

Yes, advertising is supported. GameStreamer’s White Label Partners use advertising in their game stores as an additional revenue source. GameStreamer uses ad spots as inventory for cross-promoting game titles for our partner stores, but that model is expected to change.

Does GameStreamer support international sales?

GameStreamer does business in North America, Latin America and Western Europe. Our game stores support several languages and PayPal is used so that customers may purchase using their own currency.

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