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  • New GameStreamer Game Stores

    A big welcome to our newest game store partners, Gamer Reaction and Digital Download Game World! Their game stores are branded to their sites and contain the same games that GameStreamer carries on our stores, and


    Gamer Reaction is a popular gaming news site that features podcasts and articles for the “common gamer.” Marketed worldwide, Digital Download Game World covers news about the growth of the digital distribution sector of the video game industry.


    For both sites, a game store is a perfect fit with their audiences.


    “At Gamer Reaction, we are constantly talking about all the games we are playing or looking forward to or remember from years ago,” says Dianna Lora, Gamer Reaction Producer. “A GameStreamer game store seemed like the obvious choice to us. We tell people about games, and then they don't even have to leave our website to get them. Gamer Reaction tosses the ball up, GameStreamer dunks it.”


    Daniel Awadalla, CEO of Digital Download Game World, says, “As digital download game sales continue to grow worldwide, we can’t be anything but excited about an opportunity to enter into a partnership such as this. We found the staff at Game Streamer Inc. to be highly motivated and professional and the integration of the store with our current site could not have gone more smoothly.” 


    Game store partners have full administrative control over their stores, including which games to sell and which ones to feature. Templated game stores cost partners nothing, and they receive a cut of their stores’ revenue. Fully customized stores require a fee. Game store partners are responsible for marketing their own stores, but GameStreamer does offer a few free tools. Partners can create banner ads to promote games on their websites. Also, GameStreamer creates a customized, weekly newsletter featuring new games and specials that partners can send to their users.


    If you are interested in adding a game store to your site, contact us at

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  • GameStreamer, Series Sponsor of World Challenge

    When you hear the words “GameStreamer,” you think of fast, competitive, technology, innovation, speed and so on.  I find an easy connection with all those words with sports car racing, so it seemed logical to see how we could cross-promote this in some way.  With all the hot racing games, many based on cars that are part of the World Challenge series, partnering with World Challenge presented a great way to help get a new startup company out there to the millions of race fans.


    It’s hard to believe that six months have passed so quickly. I recall having just moved to Sarasota a few weeks prior and I went to the season opening race in St. Petersburg for the World Challenge / Indycar Grand Prix. GameStreamer is the 2010 Number Board sponsor for the series and is displayed on the number decal of every car in the GT, GTS and Touring Car classes. This series is essentially the “sports car series of Indycar” and is comprised of cars ranging from purpose-built Corvette, Vipers and Porsches all the way to Scion, VW and Honda production-based race cars. There are plenty of gamers within this series with both fans and participants, so this looked like a great place to “get our feet wet” within the racing industry. Check out some great pics on the GameStreamer Racing facebook page.


    They guys at WC Vision have put together a great deal of effort and creativity to make this a great deal for everyone involved. The GameStreamer Mid-Year Review show was put together and can be seen on I attended many of the races over the 2010 season and even got a few rides in the pace car. Not only is GameStreamer on each car, they were the title sponsor of the Mid-Ohio Grand Prix. This is one of the highest attended races on the Indycar circuit with more than 175,000 people, and I was able to drive a Mustang FR500S in GTS and represent GameStreamer on the track. Watch video of the race here


    The season finale is this weekend at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah and the year-end banquet will host a 10-minute “GameStreamer Year in Review” video. The “GameStreamer Rookie of the Year” awards will be given out to the top rookie in each of the three classes. This has been a great year, and the 2011 season looks like it will be even better with great new tracks added to the schedule and an improved television package. So, stay tuned and keep up to speed at: and see past races online at:

    - Gary Savage

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  • Video Games as a Learning Structure

    This past week, the New York Times published an extensive article about an experimental school program in New York City in which sixth and seventh graders’ lessons are primarily based in video games. You can read the whole article here, but I've written up a synopsis.


    The program, called Quest to Learn, was created by video game designer Katie Salen as “a way to make learning feel simultaneously more relevant to students and more connected to the world beyond school.”


    “There’s been this assumption that school is the only place that learning is happening, that everything a kid is supposed to know is delivered between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., and it happens in the confines of a building,” Salen said. “But the fact is that kids are doing a lot of interesting learning outside of school. We acknowledge that, and we are trying to bring that into their learning here.”  


    Going into its second year, Quest to Learn is based on the premise that school should be hands-on and fun, just like playing a game. Students aren’t even graded on a traditional A-F scale, but rated by level of expertise.


    Kids still learn the basics, like pre-algebra and writing, but within interdisciplinary classes where the students try to complete quests. The students also do multimedia projects, such as recording podcasts, making videos and blogging. They get to make their own games, too.


    Probably the most immersive part of the curriculum is Smallab, which stands for “situated multimedia art learning lab.” The device is like a Wii intensified and very educational. Students hold motion-sensitive orbs and wands whose movements change what happens within a game. The computer projects images onto the floor so kids feel like they’re really part of the action.  One of the lessons focuses on geology, which they can learn by building and shifting digital layers of sediment and fossils on the classroom floor.


    The viability of the program remains to be seen. Quest to Learn students who took standardized tests in the spring “scored on average no better and no worse than other sixth graders in their district.”


    There are advocates of the idea of games replacing tests, as well as the idea of “failure-based learning,” in which failure is brief, surmountable and often exciting just like it is in most of today’s popular video games.


    It will be interesting to see how the Quest to Learn program fares as it continues to develop and grow, if it’s allowed to do so.


    What do you think of the program? I believe most of us would love to have been a student in the program – who wouldn’t want to play and create games all day? – but would you send your child to a school like this? Share with us your opinions and suggestions.

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  • Welcome to Our New Blog!

    Welcome to GameStreamer’s corporate blog. We’ll be sharing GameStreamer news, as well as game industry news and trends. We’ll also be offering our opinions about the news and trends, and we invite you to share yours, too.


    At GameStreamer, we sell downloadable games in all genres on our own game store sites, and we help our partners sell these same games on their sites through custom game stores.


    We’re very proud of our newly redesigned and upgraded online game store, The site has a top-of-the-line, proprietary DownLoad Manager with Social Development Kit. Players can manage their game purchases and communicate with friends. We’re always improving our technology, so look for more news from us on that front soon.


    Follow us on Twitter @GameStreamer and “like” us on facebook for the latest news. If you want to buy games, please visit our game store at

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