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  • How the Gaming Industry Should Talk to Women

    In this guest blog post, Sugar Gamers coordinating producer and editor Rebecca “Bonks” Rothschild shares her perspective on the game industry’s relationship with women.



    Sugar Gamers was founded in Chicago based on our founder’s desire to meet more women who enjoyed video games. I joined the company in its early stages as a coordinating producer and editor and watched our female following grow. The first thing I noticed was the incredible diversity. All sizes, races and walks of life are represented in these women. Even better, these women LOVE to game, and their gaming palate is as diverse as they are. This is clear evidence that the videogame industry has the potential to bring in a much larger female audience. 



    The truth is the industry has been male-dominated for a long time, and not really on purpose. Male gaming enthusiasts don’t always have the easiest time meeting women and I feel that like them, the industry just needs to work on its approach. Nowadays little hints of estrogen have been popping everywhere from developers to pro gamers. Not to mention female characters have taken on more interesting and empowering roles. And while this is all fantastic, I feel that the industry’s marketing has a little catching up to do. I have been aching to run into more ladies on my favorite shooters. Cute and cuddly is fine, but give us ladies some options. Some of us love shooting up evil aliens as much as the next gamer.    



    Women are multifaceted, as their gaming tastes will reflect. Don’t put us in one genre. Three games our female members constantly gush about are Gears of War, Soul Calibur and Final Fantasy. Three different genres with similarities that have incredible appeal to women, and all three are pretty light on the cute and cuddly.



    Male or female, anyone can appreciate a beautifully crafted game of any kind. Lucky for the industry, women have flocked to gaming without much attention from marketers. The industry may want to consider a little conversation with its female fans. Every woman loves good conversation, and we’re notoriously loyal to good listeners.          



    About Rebecca Rothschild: A sci-fi and gaming junkie who was working in corporate America as an IT and not feeling fulfilled, Rotschild is currently the coordinating producer and editor for Sugar Gamers in Chicago, a local female-oriented gaming community. Her biggest project on the side is her graphic novel still in the works. She loves comic books, anime and, of course, video games, first-person shooters being her specialty.

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  • Is The Zombie Trend Dead?

    Zombie games have been around for at least two decades, but the trend has become more invasive over the past couple of years. It seems the undead show up in mash-ups and star in new titles every other week, from Plants vs. Zombies to Zombie Driver. They’ve re-entered pop culture in TV shows and movies, too. GameStreamer asked our Twitter followers and Facebook fans if they think the zombies’ end is near and what the next big thing might be.

     Plants vs. Zombies  Fort Zombie 

    Press A to Continue, a new gaming magazine based in Hawaii, says “don’t think we can count out the zombies, it's always something that will continue.” David Nguyen agrees, “Not dead-it's still being milked for all it's got with shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ and zombie mods and such.” Joseph Snodgrass cleverly adds “zombies will never die.”


    Kimberly Unger, game designer and CEO of video game startup Bushi-go, believes “Zombies still have some legs :D We haven't yet hit the critical ‘me too’ mass needed to kill it off. Next up? Lycanthropes/shapeshifters.”


    Blake Howard offers his stab at the next trend, “I expect alien invasion games to go back on the rise.”


    What do you think the next trend will be? Developers, do you take the latest trends into account when creating your games? Share your thoughts with us.

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