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GameStreamer's White Label Partner Program opportunity allows retailers to expand their current consumer base and their brand by offering digital downloadable games for sale.

The turnkey game store supplied by GameStreamer offers a catalog of games representing the best of major publishers, cutting-edge developers and independent game designers. Multiple genres including MMORPG, casual, educational, inspirational and family attract both unique and returning visitors.

Built on GameStreamer's proprietary platform and distribution network, a custom site can be integrated into an existing business or be used as a standalone website.

The White Label Program allows potential partners to rapidly deploy a proven business model without making infrastructure investment. The amount of site control can be chosen or adjusted by the partner at any time.

  • New Revenue Source with revenue share model.
  • Increased loyalty to your website.
  • Enhanced branding opportunities.
  • Improved search rankings with more keywords and relative links.
  • Community of Gamers Gamers are loyal and return often.
  • No network or maintenance costs.
  • As a WLP, you can quickly extend your reach to new markets without infrastructure cost.
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