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Achievement System

Game Leaderboards

GameStreamer's stores include a back-end multiplayer matchmaking feature and browsing system. Achievements lists promote player engagement and loyalty and attract new customers.

"Leaderboards" and "Profiles" help build fun and identity within the gamer community. Fosters RPG growth.

Active In-Game DLC
GameStreamer supports DLC content, either free or for a fee, that can be browsed and purchased from within an active game.  Developers can integrate "Friends" support to enable consumers to meet like-minded gamers. An in-game chat feature enables users to communicate both outside and within the game without disturbing game play.


Game Player App

GameStreamer's Game Player app  provides game management and features that deliver an intuitive and innovative user experience.
Automatic code updates from the publishers keep the game versions current and keep support costs low.

Cloud Gaming

Game Player Thin App


Native thin client apps may be ported to multiple devices that manage connections with the cloud enabling gaming from a choice of locations. Soon to come, GameStreamer will offer the Pause n' Play feature that allows a player to pause a game on one device and resume on another or at a later time. Platformz is what we call our technology which allow streaming from our digital stores to multiple platforms.  

GameStreamer Features Customized Web Stores

Turnkey Stores Pre-Release Orders Large HD Video Player for Trailers
GameStreamer partners are able to specify store designs and match their corporate branding. They can sell their own games and non-competitive titles also. GameStreamer offers a Pre-Release Order feature that allows games to be ordered for purchase prior to their official release. Downloads are available on the release date. Engage consumers with high-definition video game trailers. Trailers of various sizes may be installed in different sections of the store.
  Online Key Activation
Our partners use interactive conversion widgets across their properties to drive existing traffic to their game stores. To make purchasing easy, PayPal leads a variety of payment methods.
Consumers can play their games from anywhere by activating their keys from their accounts.

Technology Behind the Push

Catalog Support Team
cloud network depiction
Game testing and catalog expansion is handled by a dedicated team that keeps the catalog and the pricing cutting-edge fresh.
GameStreamer uses Sony's proven SecuROM Digital Rights Management wrapper to deliver games. Other DRMs or none, may be utilized per publisher's request.
Backed by Amazon Network Services, GameStreamer's Cloud Network supports the fastest, smoothest download experience for gamers. AWS pushes data from the edge of the cloud worldwide, so games can be enjoyed virtually anywhere.
Global Network

Digital Platform Service Provider
DPSP - Digital Platform Service Provider
Coming soon, MediaStation will provide access to a global computer network for entertainment use of interactive computer gaming, as well as music, TV, movies, electronic books and documents.  EduStreamer will lower your hardware cost and overhead by creating virtual stations for students and streaming content and materials to these access points from a centralized cloud based server farm.