Digital Rights Management Technologies

GameStreamer uses Sony's DADC SecuROM DRM to wrap games delivered using our Progressive Download Delivery technology.

Publishers can choose which, if any, DRM technology they wish to employ.  



When a game is delivered, it is guaranteed to be delivered wholly intact and is the same version as the physical, boxed game.


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DRM Flexibility

At GameStreamer we use Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies from Sony SecuROM (SonyDADC). We have integrated SonyDADC SecuROM into our automation process to make securing your software as easy as possible. Sony is our preferred DRM partner because they are dependable and they serve a dominant majority of PC games already. If SecuROM is used, you may also choose to encode a 30 or 60 minute trial version before an activation code is needed.

GameStreamer also supports 3rd party DRM in the form of activation or serial codes that can be delivered automatically once a product is purchased in our stores. For all 3rd party DRM the partner will have the responsibility to host the activation server/services (if needed) and activate actual product. We just do the delivery.

Sony SecuROM™ Digital Rights Management is a free DRM service offered to partners from Gamestreamer. SecuROM™ provides a high level of protection against illegal casual consumer copying and professional piracy. SecuROM™ customers enjoy the benefits of extended shelf life, while maximising profits through additional product sales. TAGES™ is truly the AAA copy protection because it stems simultaneously the three piracy threats with an A mark. It fully meets your requirements and is extremely easy to implement.
FL ProActive is for professional protection of programs distributed via the internet from illegal usage, industrial or home-made copying, professional cracking and reverse engineering. FL ProActive combines both reliable and friendly protection technologies with DRM. StarForce is provided to GameStreamer partners for a fee. For software companies and PC game publishers, licensing the delivery edge isnt just important to their business, it IS their business. Licensing and protection is essential to protecting their intellectual property and their brand. SoftAnchor from Uniloc was developed to provide software and game companies strong protection, flexible licensing and an optimal user experience.


GameStreamer allows developers to import their serial keys into our database. Post sale we assign a key to the user account and email it to the purchaser. This method allows activation only and no protection. GSI also allows developers to choose to upload their games free from DRM protection. This method is a outright sale only with no KEY Activation required and provides no protection of the game from GSI.

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