Streamlined Product Packaging

Our game packaging and testing systems are highly automated helping us get products live on the site faster.

  1. Create profile on GameStreamer Extranet.
  2. Add all media assets and edit video and screenshots.
  3. Upload game to GameStreamer's secure SAN.
  4. Run game installation and do first test of game.
  5. If game passes testing, then based upon testing and publisher request, we either build an installer for the game or wrap the game in SecuRom or both.
  6. Second test of game after installer is built and/or SecuRom is applied.
    If game passes, then the game is sent to the test store.
  7. Publisher is able to emulate end user experience in the test store.
    Publisher can simulate a purchase, download the game and install the game.
  8. After the publisher is finished QA'ing the game build, then we apply any modifications
    or tweaks requested and retest if needed.
  9. We push the game live onto the publisher's selected WLP Stores.