New Game Player App

An enjoyable game management tool to get your game on.
    *  Games are accessed from a connected PC but not locked to a specific device.
Auto-patch updates ensure that users and the community always plays latest the version because it is pulled from the publisher.


*  Game packaged, downloaded: ready to play



*  Bandwidth-independent because the game is delivered from the gamer's local machine.
*  Start playing after a small percentage of the game is delivered.



*  No console "loading" delays - the entire game is streamed from secure cache.
SDK-Supported Features

Games that have implemented the GameStreamer SDK will have additional features enabled and accessible from the game player app:

1. Achievements
2. Leaderboards
3. Player matchmaking
4. Server browsing
5. Chat
6. Challenges
7. Integrated DLC
8. Game spectator view features6

Features of the Social Development Kit